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ORTUR LU2-4 LF Laser Module

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ORTUR LU2-4 LF Laser Module

Introducing the Ortur LU2-4 LF Laser Module – the ultimate powerhouse for precision engraving and superior cutting capabilities. Elevate your creative projects with this remarkable device that takes your craftsmanship to new heights.

  1. LU2-4-LF: Unparalleled Engraving and Cutting Performance Experience the perfect balance between engraving finesse and cutting power with the LU2-4-LF Laser Module. This exceptional tool excels in both realms, allowing you to achieve intricate engraving details and flawlessly execute precise cuts. What sets it apart is its ability to support higher speeds, enabling you to complete projects in record time without compromising on quality.
  2. Air Assist Capability for Enhanced Performance Unlocks the full potential of the LU2-4-LF with its built-in air assist feature. To fully utilize this capability, we recommend purchasing an Air Compressor. By integrating the air assist, you’ll enjoy improved efficiency and cleaner cuts, as it effectively clears away debris and prevents material scorching. Elevate your workmanship and let the LU2-4-LF redefine your creative boundaries.
  3. Optimal Light Spot for Engraving Excellence Contrary to popular belief, smaller doesn’t always mean better when it comes to the light spot size for engraving. When working with photos, you may find that increasing the laser spot size enhances the overall picture effect. The LU2-4-LF empowers you to adjust the laser spot size to achieve the desired outcome, ensuring stunning engraving results that truly captivate.

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