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ORTUR LU2-10A 10W Laser Module

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ORTUR LU2-10A 10W Laser Module

Feature Highlights:
1. Optical Power: 10w
2. Laser Shield Protection
3. DIY Air Assist Support
4. High-precision control of laser beam
5. Fast Heat dissipation
6. More stable and continuous output power


Widely Compatible Design: The Ortur laser module boasts a versatile structural connection that seamlessly integrates with various Ortur Aufero laser engraving machines. Compatible with models such as Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2, Ortur Laser Master 2 S2, Aufero Laser 1, and Aufero Laser 2.



Fast Fixed-Focus Design: Featuring a fixed-focus lens and sliding design, simplifying the focusing process. Slide the laser, tighten the screws, and achieve precise focusing. This design remains consistent across different machines.

New Eye-protection Cover Design: The laser filter cover blocks 98% of ultraviolet light, ensuring safe viewing from all angles without the need for goggles. Additionally, it prevents animals from interacting with the laser spot.

General 24V/PWM Modulation Board: Equipped with the latest 24V/PWM modulation board adaptable to common GRBL or CNC motherboards. Refer to product pictures for detailed specifications.

Stainless Steel Engraving: Achieve stainless steel engraving with a small focus point and sufficient light power. Recommended modules for stainless steel engraving include LU2-4 SF and 24V LU2-10A Compressed Spot Module. The LU2-10A is ideal for directly engraving stainless steel.

Air Assist Sets: Ortur provides complimentary air assist sets along with LU2-4 LF and LU2-10A laser heads. Note that users need to separately order an air compressor.

Choosing a Module: For cutting applications within 3-8 mm, LU2-4 SF/LF modules are recommended. LU2-4 LF, equipped with an air assist nozzle, ensures clean cutting edges. If cutting 6-20mm, opt for the upgraded true 10W LU2-10A laser module, a professional cutting tool capable of cutting through 15mm wood in one pass. LU2-2 is suitable for entry-level engraving on materials like leather and plywood. LU2-4 SF excels at both engraving and cutting, producing fine images, especially on hard materials like stainless steel, glass, ceramic tile, and coated metal.

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