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Terms and Conditions

Your attention is drawn to these Terms and Conditions because they are important and should be carefully noted. If there is any provision in these Terms and Conditions that you do not understand, it is
your responsibility to ask Gadgitech Trading to explain it to you before you accept the Terms and Conditions or continue using the Website. Gadgitech Trading is a re-seller and not responsible for
guarantee/warranty. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended or must be understood to unlawfully restrict, limit or avoid any right or obligation, as the case may be, created for either you or
Gadgitech Trading in terms of the CPA. E. & O.E.

Gadgitech Trading permits the use of this Website subject to the Terms and Conditions. By using this Website in any way, you shall be deemed to have accepted all the Terms and Conditions
unconditionally. You must not use this Website if you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions.

You agree and warrant to us that your information is accurate and not false, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent; is made in compliance with all applicable laws, government regulations or guidelines; is not
forged, threatening or offensive or otherwise constitutes harassment; does not contain confidential information or trade secrets of a third party unless you have obtained the consent of the third party
owner; does not contain any viruses, worms, trojan horses or other invidious programs or data, whether attached to or embedded in other programs or data or not; will not defame (libel or slander) another
person or transmit misleading or inaccurate information of any kind, whether of a personal or commercial nature; your information will be kept up to date and that you will edit your account/profile and any
other information accordingly. You have the legal capacity to purchase any goods that you place an order for, and, will not otherwise be breaching any law in purchasing those goods or services; you will
not place an order for any goods on this Site unless you are able, and have sufficient, available capacity to pay for those goods or services; the purchase of any goods on this Site is absolutely at your own

Gadgitech Trading May Change These Terms and Conditions

We have an absolute discretion to change the terms of this Agreement at any time. If we do so, we will post details of any changes on this Site that will be effective forthwith.

By accepting this Agreement and any notifications of changes to this Agreement. In any event, your continued use of the Services after any changes to the terms of this Agreement, will be deemed to be
your acceptance of those changes to the terms of this Agreement.

Compliance with These Terms and Conditions

You agree to promptly inform us of any breach by you of the terms of this Agreement and of any conduct of another user that you think may be a breach of this Agreement, whether the conduct has
ceased, is continuing, or may occur in the future.

You agree that we may and will monitor your conduct if we believe that you are not complying with the terms of this Agreement. If we do, then we will respect your confidentiality, unless doing so would or
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the law compels, requires, or makes it prudent and desirable for us to divulge or disclose the information we hold or know or any documents we possess; or we consider it necessary or desirable to make
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Use of Site

In using this Site. you must not illegally copy, store. use, alter, modify, impair, interfere with or attempt to interfere with, or distribute software or other data: alter, damage. destroy, erase, interfere with or
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or otherwise cause any unauthorised computer functions to our computer systems or those of other users or any other person; copy. modify, or distribute rights or content from our sites, services or tools
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You may not in any way display, publish, copy, print, post or otherwise use the Website and/or the information contained therein without the express prior written consent of an authorised Gadgitech
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Other than through the content provided by Gadgitech Trading you may not use any of the company trademarks (or variations thereof) without written permission.

These Terms and Conditions may change without notice and will take effect immediately upon being posted on Gadgitech Trading’s web site.

Entering into this Agreement

Licence of, and Use of, your Information

You hereby grant to us a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free right to exercise the Intellectual Property Rights you have in your information, in whatever medium.
We agree to use your information only in accordance with the Privacy Statement below. If you do not agree with the terms of the Privacy Statement, please do not accept these terms and conditions.
We further agree and/or undertake to process your personal information in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Space Build X CNC Machine Terms & Conditions


This document must be signed, payment must be received and the machine will be build within 7-21 working days. All machines carry a 6 months warranty subject to the below conditions.

We are unable to refund on change of mind and we will assist with problems to the best of our ability. We can only recommend designing programs and unfortunately we don't provide full training thereoff. We cover the costs of the shipping of the machine within South Africa, however if the customer requires insurance then the customer will be billed for the insurance costs.

Refund Policy:

We are unable to give refunds on change of mind. If there is a issue with the machine we will try to assist the customer over the phone and if it's found that we have to go out to the client the first call out will be free within a 100km radius from Vanderbijlpark, otherwise the customer will be billed R4,50 per km traveling.


We can only recommend CAD/Designing programs and we don't offer support or full training on these programs. We will not be liable for a machine not performing correctly due to flaws or errors in the design or the customers computer or laptop. The machine can only do what the client commands it to do, if the design is incorrect the machine will not cut correctly. The machine has been setup to the required standard settings of Gadgitech Trading and we will not be held responsible for any incorrect functioning of the machine if changes have been made to these standard settings. We will charge the customer R350 for call out and R350 per hour to fix/amend the settings, within a 100km radius from Vanderbijlpark, outside of 100km radius from Vanderbijlpark R4,50 per km will be charged. A call out should be booked in advance and are subject to availability of the staff of Gadgitech Trading. We will not be held responsible for a machine that breaks resulting from human error. The client hereby accept the spares, hardware and software that Gadgitech Trading are using. If the customer would like to use different software than what we are using it’s the customers responsibility to find out from us what we are using and to get other software that will be compatible with the hardware that we use. System requirement for running the software: Windows 8 or 10, 4GB Ram and 500GB HDD. Assembling of these machines can be arranged and will be billed as an additional fee to the customer.


Compulsory delivery, setup and training to be done by Gadgitech Trading at no additional costs to the customer within South Africa excluding rural areas due to our concern of the safety of our technicians. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the delivery location is a save and secure location for our technicians. If the customer is staying in a rural area it is the customers responsibility to arrange delivery, setup and minimal training at a location that is not in a rural area and it is the customers responsibility to move the machine to the rural area. If it's found that the customers computer or laptop or the setup environment is not up to standard that the setup, installation and the training can't be done a second call out will be booked and the customer will be responsible for the traveling costs and the call out for the second time, as the
technician was already at the customers premises and were unable to complete the setup and training of the machine.

General Terms & Conditions


In order to use our site, you must first complete the registration form. When you register we collect personal information such as your name, address, email address and contact numbers. This information
is used to contact you about your orders.

We may, at our sole discretion, request additional personal information from you. You may be required to confirm such details as your identity, address and contact information for security and verification
reasons. This information may include copies of ID documents, passports, utility bills, licenses, legal or financial documentation, or any other documentation related to your use of this website (but not
limited to this).

We require full payment or a 50% deposit in order for us to process an order. Once we receive the deposit, it will take 7-21 working days for the machine to be manufactured. We require full payment of
the machine before the machine can be collected or delivered. This terms & conditions document must be read, signed and send back to us to confirm order. Prices quoted on are subject to change due to
the exchange rate fluctuations. Prices quoted on will be secured upon payment of the deposit or full payment.


Machines comes with a 6 months part and component warranty, the warranty on the machine parts is limited to defects in materials and workmanship and excludes spindles. Warranty subject to all
components are cleaned from all dust/off cut material after each cut. The machine is in a clean environment and out of direct sunlight. All components are operated correctly and their capabilities are not
overworked and abused. The Makita Router comes with a 12 month warranty (with Makita itself) unless damage is due to clients neglect then the repair will be for the clients account. We will not be held
responsible for wear & tear on machines, operator negligence, cosmetic defects and it's the responsibility of the client to keep the machine in a good running condition.

Fitting of parts replaced under warranty will incur labour and travel costs for the technician.


All prices include Vat

All warranties covered by the manufacturers themselves. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only and can’t be used as an actual indication of the item, feature, size or colour (errors and omissions

Payment can be made for Goods via —

Debit card; Credit card: where payment is made by credit card, we may require additional information in order to authorise and/or verify the validity of payment. In such cases we are entitled to withhold
delivery until such time as the additional information is received by us and authorisation is obtained by us for the amounts. If we do not receive authorisation your order for the Goods will be placed on
hold. You warrant that you are fully authorised to use the credit card supplied for purposes of paying the Goods. Direct bank deposit or electronic funds transfer: if you pay via direct bank deposit or
electronic funds transfer. Instant EFT.

You may contact us to obtain a full record of your payment. We will also send you email communications about your order and payment.

Once you have selected your payment method, you will be directed to a link to a secure site for payment of the applicable purchase price for the Goods.

Gadgitech Trading is entitled, for purposes of preventing suspected fraud and/or where it suspects that you are abusing the Website and/or have created multiple user profiles to take advantage of a
promotion or Coupon intended by Gadgitech Trading to be used once-off by you, to blacklist you on its database (including suspending or terminating your access to the Website), refuse to accept or
process payment on any order, and/or to cancel any order concluded between you and Gadgitech Trading, in whole or in part, on notice to you. Gadgitech Trading shall only be liable to refund monies
already paid by you (see Gadgitech Trading Returns Policy in this regard), and accepts no other liability which may arise as a result of such blacklisting and/or refusal to process any order.

At any time, you can choose to stop using the Website, with or without notice to Gadgitech Trading.


We shall take all reasonable efforts to accurately reflect the description, availability, purchase price and delivery charges of Goods on our Website.


If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, we ask for contact information such as email addresses. However, it is completely at your discretion to be removed from such a list as set out in our choice and
opt-out section below.


We take every precaution to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of all information under our control. When you submit sensitive information via our site, your information is protected both online and

Correction/Updating Personal Information:

If your personally identifiable information changes (such as your email address), you may correct or update your personal data provided to us. This can be done by mailing our Customer Support at


If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, information about products and services and special deals, surveys, or promotional materials from us you may opt-out of receiving these communications by
following the unsubscribe instructions in the relevant email or by emailing us at

Notification of Changes

If we decide to change our privacy statement, we will post those changes on our Homepage and in our newsletter so you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what
circumstances, if any, we disclose it.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or any questions regarding access to and the protection of your personal information, the practices of this site, or your dealings with us, you can
contact us on

Further Assurances

A party shall take all such steps, execute all such documents and do all such acts and things as may be reasonably required by another party to give effect to any of the transactions contemplated by this


Other than as otherwise specified in this Agreement, neither the failure of a party to enforce at any time any of the provisions of this Agreement nor the granting of any time or other indulgence shall be
construed as a waiver of that provision or of the right of that party thereafter to enforce that or any other provision.

Governing Law

This Agreement will be governed by the laws in force in the Republic of South Africa and each party unconditionally submits to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the Republic of South Africa in
relation to any legal action, suit or proceedings arising out of or with respect to this Agreement.

The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the High Court of South Africa, South Gauteng High Court and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate's Court or the Regional Court irrespective of
whether the amount claimed by us exceeds the applicable monetary limit allowed to institute a claim in the Magistrate's Court or Regional Court.


Gadgitech Trading may, in its sole discretion, at any time and for any reason and without prior written notice, suspend or terminate the operation of the Website or the user's right to use the Website or any
of its contents subject to us processing any orders then already made by you.

You may not cede, assign or otherwise transfer your rights and obligations in terms of these Terms and Conditions to any third party.

Any failure on the part of you or Gadgitech Trading to enforce any right in terms hereof shall not constitute a waiver of that right.

\f any term or condition contained herein is declared invalid, the remaining terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect.

No variation, addition, deletion, or agreed cancellation of the Terms and Conditions will be of any force or effect unless in writing and accepted by or on behalf of the parties hereto.

No indulgence, extension of time, relaxation or latitude which any party (the “grantor’) may show grant or allow to the other (the “grantee*) shall constitute a waiver by the grantor of any of the grantor’s
rights and the grantor shall not thereby be prejudiced or stopped from exercising any of its rights against the grantee which may have arisen in the past or which might arise in the future.

These Terms and Conditions contain the whole agreement between you and Gadgitech Trading and no other warranty or undertaking is valid, unless contained in this document between the parties.


For the purposes of the ECT Act, Gadgitech Trading's information is as follows, which should be read in conjunction with its product descriptions and other terms and conditions contained on the Website:
Full name: Gadgitech Trading (Pty) Ltd, a private company registered in South Africa with registration number 2016/365631/07

Main business: Workshop

Physical address for receipt of legal service (also postal and street address): Shop 80, Ferro Mill Industrial Park, Cnr Michelin & Delfos Bouleward, NW 7, Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, 1911 (marked for attention: CEO and Legal)

Phone number: +27 72 353 6785

Email address: