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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Lead time to build CNC Machines? We normally require a lead time of 7-14 working days to build machines, however we always do our best to get the machine ready to be delivered as soon as possible.

Which programs works with the CNC Machines? We provide all programming needed for your machine, e.g. internet based program for beginners, alternative stand alone programming to run a g-code, furthermore we provide two types of designing programs for your designing needs. 

What is the cutting depth of the CNC Machines? The cutting depth of the CNC Machines is 50mm, depending on the type of cutting bit used, normal cutting bits can cut 15-20mm depth.

What is the maximum cutting depth per pass of the CNC Machines? The max cutting depth per pass for our Desktop CNC Machines is 0.5mm for soft materials and decrease with harder materials. The max cutting depth per pass for our Light Industrial Timing Belt & Lead Screw Driven CNC Machines is 1mm for soft materials and decrease with harder materials.

What is the cutting area of the CNC Machines? The cutting area will be 200mm smaller that the size of the machine, e.g. if the machine is 1x1m the cutting area will be 800x800mm.

What is the footprint of the CNC Machines? The footprint of the machines will be the size of the machine e.g. if the machine is 1x1m then the footprint of the machine will also be 1x1m.

What type of material can the CNC Machines cut? You will be able to cut wood, perspex and pcb's with the standard CNC Machines.

What type of machine do I need if I want to cut Aluminium? You will need a Light Industrial Timing Belt or Lead Screw Driven CNC Machine with upgraded X & Y stepper motors in order to cut aluminium.

Can the CNC Machines Steel or Stainless Steel? You won't be able to cut Steel or Stainless Steel with these CNC Machines.

What is the accuracy of the CNC Machines? The accuracy of the Desktop CNC Machine is 0.5mm, Light Industrial Timing Belt CNC Machine is 0.3mm, Light Industrial Lead Screw Driven CNC Machine is 0.1375.

What is the different types of CNC Machines? We have Laser Engraver CNC Machines with only a Laser Engraver attachment on, Desktop CNC Machines that's timing belt driven as a Hobby CNC Machine, Light Industrial CNC Machine that's timing belt driven & we have Light Industrial CNC Machine that's lead screw driven.

What is the upgrades that can be added on the CNC Machines? You can add a Laser Engraver, replace the normal size stepper motors with bigger stepper motors, end stops, replace the Makita Router with bigger Spindles, a waste board.

What type of program is needed to be able to use a laser? We provide the program needed for your machine, e.g. a stand alone program that accepts any jpeg or pdf file formats.

Can I cut or just engrave with the laser? You will be able to engrave and cut certain types of materials depending on the density of the material and with multiple passes.

Delivery of CNC Machines? We prefer to deliver the CNC Machine, do the setup of the machine and to give minor training of the machine, however this will be at an additional cost but then you as the customer will have piece of mind that everything will be working correctly.