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Eccentric Nut For V-Wheel

Eccentric Nut For V-Wheel

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Eccentric Nut For V-Wheel

Eccentric nut to pre-load a V-wheel assembly.  On a V-wheel carriage, the one side has fixed wheels and the other side has floating wheels.  The floating wheels can be adjusted with these eccentric nuts to obtain the correct pre-load.  An adjustment of 0.79mm can be made with this nut.


  • Nut size: 10mm across flats (No. 10 spanner)
  • Spacer length: 6mm
  • Hole size for screw: 5.5mm
  • Hole size in plate: 7.3mm
  • Ajdustment allowed: 0.79mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel


For instructions on how to assemble the V-Wheel assembly with eccentric nuts, please view this video: