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Double Flute Down Cutting Bit

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Double Flute tungsten carbide down cutting bit to cut a wide variety of materials.  A down cutter is used to push the material being cut down onto the cutting bed to assist with keeping the material in place.  The other advantage of a down cutter is that less dust is produced, because the material being removed is pushed down.  The low flute count also work better with materials which is sensitive to heat generated by the cutting bit, like plastics.  These bits are widely used to do profile cutting of wood or plastic materials.


  • Bit Type: Double flute down cutter
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Diameter: 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm (Please select from the menu above)
  • Materials to cut: Wood, Plastic, Aluminium, Brass, Composites, Cardboard and Structural foam
  • Cutting Edge Length:
    • For 3.175mm bit: 22mm
    • For 4mm bit: 22mm
    • For 6mm bit: 22mm
  • Shank Diameter:
    • For 3.175mm bit: 3.175mm (1/8')
    • For 4mm bit: 4mm
    • For 6mm bit: 6mm
  • Cutting bit total length:
    • 3.175mm & 4mm: 45mm
    • 6mm: 49mm

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