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5.5W Laser Engraver

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5.5W Laser Engraver

High quality blue laser module for laser cutting or engraving. This module is a good addition to any 3D printer or CNC machine.  It has a low light button to test the laser and set the focus with the variable focus lense.  The aluminium housing and forced air cooling ensures efficient cooling for optimal operation and long service life.  The intensity of the laser can be adjusted via the TTL/PWM signal.  Please see the table below for the materials that can be processed with this laser


5.5W Laser Engraver Specification:

    • Laser wavelength: 445nm (violet)

    • This laser includes a set of laser protective goggles

    • Spot type: Dotted (adjustable)

    • Lense: Variable focus lense

    • Laser power: 5.5 Watt

    • Cooling method: Forced Air Cooling

    • Operating voltage: 12V DC

    • Operating current: 2A

    • Housing material: Anodized aluminum

    • Module material: Copper

    • Life Time: 8000 hours

    • Working temperature:-40 to 75 Degree Celsius

Material 0.5W Laser 2.5W Laser 5.5W Laser
3mm Balsa Wood Engrave Engrave & Cut Engrave & Cut
5mm Balsa Wood Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut
250g Card Board Engrave Engrave & Cut Engrave & Cut
300g Card Board Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut
250g Craft Card Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut
Non-woven Fabric Engrave & Cut Engrave & Cut Engrave & Cut
Cotton Fabric Engrave & Cut Engrave & Cut Engrave & Cut
Polyester Fabric Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut
Canvas Engrave Engrave & Cut Engrave & Cut
Leather Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut*
Solid Wood Engrave Engrave Engrave
MDF Wood Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut**
Bamboo Engrave Engrave Engrave
Acrylic / Perspex - Engrave Engrave & Cut
Stone / Ceramic - - Engrave
Painted Metal Surface - Engrave Engrave
Bare metal surface - - Engrave***
Anodized metal surface - - Engrave


*Can cut leather thinner than 3mm with multiple passes.  

**Can cut MDF thinner than 3mm with multiple passes.  Yellow MDF or Laser MDF works better than normal MDF.

***Metal engraving spray, powder or tape required for laser marking on bare metal surface.

Please note:

    • Always wear laser protective goggles (Included with laser) when operating a laser.  This is not a toy, it is a powerful industrial tool.

    • The colour of the material being processed can have a major influence on the efficiency of the laser, for example transparent and white perspex cannot be processed, but black perspex can be processed.

    • Processing material with shiny surfaces like shiny metals can reflect the laser energy back into the laser which will damage the laser.

    • When cutting wood, blowing compressed air onto the laser focus point increases the efficiency of the laser dramatically.