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1.5kW Water Cooled Spindle Kit - Gadgitech Trading

1.5kW Water Cooled Spindle Kit

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1.5kW Water Cooled Spindle Kit

1.5kW Water-cooled spindle kit.  This kit includes the spindle, aluminium mounting bracket, VFD, 4 additional collets (2mm, 3mm, 4mm & 6mm), water pump and 6m of water tubing.  The only thing you will need to run the spindle is the cable between the spindle and the VFD, the power cable to the VFD and a water bath for the water pump.

1.5kW Water-cooled Spindle for CNC machine.  This is a 3-phase spindle designed to work with a 1.5kW Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).  It has a built in ER11 Collet holder which can mount from 1mm to 7mm cutting bit shaft sizes.  The spindle is mounted to the gantry of the CNC machine with an aluminium bracket (sold separately).  The rotor of the spindle is mounted with 2 bearings at the bottom of the spindle and 2 bearings at the the top, to ensure a long service life.  This spindle is perfect for milling and engraving of wood, plastic, foam, aluminium, brass, steel and even stone.  

1.5kW Water Cooled Spindle Kit Specification:

    • Diameter: 65mm

    • Power: 1.5kW

    • Current: 7A

    • Voltage: 220V

    • Frequency: 0-400Hz

    • Speed: 10-24000rpm

    • Collet Size: ER11

    • Cooling: Water Cooled

    • Runout: 0.003mm - 0.005mm

    • Bearings: C7002 x 2, C7002 x 2

    • Collet size in spindle: 1/8' (3.175mm)

    • Additional collet sizes: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm & 6mm


1.5kW Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to drive a CNC machine spindle.  This drive can be controlled via hand or via a controller board.  There are a wide range of settings to fine tune the way the spindle is controlled and also comes with a manual with more details of each setting.  The VFD run off single phase 220V AC and the output is also 220V provided to the spindle.  It also comes with self controlled built in cooling which switches on when required.


VFD Specification:


    • Power: 1.5KW

    • Input Voltage: 220V AC (Single Phase)

    • Output Voltage: 220V

    • Output Current: 7A

    • Input Frequency:50-60Hz

    • Output Frequency:0-400Hz

    • Input phase: Single phase

    • Output phase: 3 phase

    • Size: 170 x 125 x 163mm

    • Control: By hand via built in control panel or via digital signal from controller board

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