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RUMBA Controller Board

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RUMBA Controller Board

The RUMBA (R.eprap U.niversal M.ega B.oard with A.llegro driver) Controller Board is the latest development in open source 3D Printer electronics and is jam packed with functionality and performance.  At the heart of the controller is the AtMega2560 processor, which is the same chip running the Arduino Mega 2560 development board.  The board works with the Marlin, Sprinter or Repetier firmware which is uploaded via the Arduino IDE.  It can drive up to 6 stepper motors and works with the A4988 or DVR8825 stepper drivers up to 1/16th step micro stepping.  Running off 12-35V power, driving 6 MOSFET channels to control up to 3 hot ends, a heated bed and 2 variable speed fans makes this controller suitable for any 3D Printer, CNC machine, engraving machine, laser cutter or plasma cutter.

RUMBA Controller Board Specifications:

  • Board size: 135mm x 75mm

  • Weight: 94 gram

  • Voltage supply: 12 - 35V

  • Stepper drivers: Up to 6 x A4988 or DVR8825 drivers (not included)

  • Hot ends: Maximum 3

  • Heated bed: Yes

  • Controllable fans: Maximum 2

  • Compattible display: LCD 2004 or LCD 12864

  • Endstops: Min and Max for X, Y and Z axis

  • Thermistors: Maximum 5