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MKS TMC2160-OC Stepper Driver

MKS TMC2160-OC Stepper Driver

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MKS TMC2160-OC V1.0 silent stepper driver is a high current stepper driver for NEMA 23 motors and replaces the popular TB6600 stepper driver.  This driver features a TMC2160 chip from Trinamic.  This means it is more quite and has improved heat disipation over its predecesors and supports up to 1/64 micro stepping.


  • Driver model: TMC2160-OC V1.0
  • Maximum current: 4.33A
  • Input Voltage: 9 - 40V DC
  • Microstepping: 1 - 64 microstepping
  • Optoisolated control inputs: Yes

Stepper Driver Connections: