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Mini V-Wheel Kit

Mini V-Wheel Kit

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Mini V-Wheel Kit

Mini V-Slot Wheel kit to run on V-Slot aluminium profiles.  Accurately machined, durable and reliable.  These wheels are used in 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines and other linear motion machines.  It is a cost effective, durable and accurate solution for these applications.

The Mini V-Wheel are used when running wheels on the inside of a C-Beam aluminium profile.  If the standards size V-Wheels are used for this application then the wheels will touch each other.

This includes everything you need to mount the wheel to a plate.  The Mini V-Wheel Kit consists of:

  • Mini Delrin V-Wheel

  • 2 x MR105ZZ sealed bearings

  • Precision shim

  • Aluminium mounting spacer

  • Bolt: M5 x 25

  • Lock Nut: M5

This kit is designed to be mounter to a plate up to 3mm thickness.  If you want to mount it to a thicker plate, you will need a longer screw.

To be able to set the pre-load between the wheels, eccentric nuts are used for this purpose.  The eccentric nuts are not included in this kit, but is sold separately.

Mini V-Wheel Kit Specifications:

  • Wheel size: OD = 15mm, Width = 9mm

  • Wheel material: Delrin

  • Wheel hardness: M80

  • Wheel compressive strength: 63 MPa

  • Bolt size: M5 x 25

  • Bearing size: MR105 bearing

  • Mounting Spacer Size: OD = 10mm, ID = 5.7mm, Length = 6mm