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Nema 34 Pinion Gearbox

Nema 34 Pinion Gearbox

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Nema 34 Pinion Gearbox

This is the pinion gearbox for a Rack and Pinion setup.  This is often used to drive large format CNC machines and plasma cutting machines due to the fact that these rack gears can be joined to form long extended lengths.  The other advantage is these rack & pinion drives are very robust in dirty environments and can deliver high accuracy movements. 


  • Tooth profile: 1.25 Mod
  • Pinion gear tooth count: 23 tooth
  • Material: Aluminium casing with steel gear
  • Tooth type: Left Hand Helical (To work with right hand helical rack gear)
  • Designed to work with NEMA 34 motor with 14mm shaft
  • Gear ratio between motor and pinion gear: 5:1
  • Includes motor pulley and closed loop timing belt