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Copper Heater Block, Nickel plated for Ender-3

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Copper heater block with nickel plating for Ender-3 is a high performance heater block capable of printing up to 550°C. This copper-alloy heated block is designed for super high temperature printing, and will not start to soften or anneal until way beyond 500°C, making it perfect for the high-temperature printing. In addition to high temperature performance this block have an advanced nickel based plating.

Copper has more than 3x the thermal conductivity of brass, and the copper alloy we use has been hardened and treated to reduce the oxidation that occurs in copper at high temperatures. The higher thermal conductivity will also slightly increase your heat-up times, and can provide tighter temperature control.


  • Material: Copper alloy
  • Plating: Nickel based
  • Maximum printing temperature: 550°C
  • Compatible with:
    • Ender-3
    • Ender-3 Pro
    • Ender-3 V2
    • Ender-3 Max
    • Ender-3 Neo
    • Ender-3 V2 Neo
    • Ender-3 Max Neo
    • Ender-5 Pro
    • Ender-5 Plus
    • CR-30

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