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Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver, HBS86H

Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver, HBS86H

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Closed loop stepper motor with driver used on 3D Printers, CNC machines and laser cutters.  These motors will put your machine on the next level.  This beauty of these motor is that they cannot miss a step because of the closed loop functionality.  This means there is an encoder at the back of the motor which monitors the position of the motor and should the motor not be at the commanded position, then the stepper driver will correct for that.  This also means that it is not required to use as strong motor as with an open loop system, when we replace an open loop stepper motor with a closed loop stepper, then we tend to half the torque of the motor to get the same performance.  So if you put these motors on a 3D printer, then layer shifting is something of the past. 

This is a replacement closed loop stepper driver for the NEMA 34 closed loop stepper motors we sell.  



  • Driver Model Number: HBS86H
  • Supply voltage: 18 - 70V DC
  • Micro stepping: Can be set between 200 and 51200 steps/rev 
  • Motor Model Number working with this driver: 86HSE4.5N-B32-3M, 86HSE8.5N-B32-3M

Wiring Diagram:



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