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xTool Screen Printer 1.0

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The xTool P2 is a very high quality CO2 laser cutter with very powerful and easy to use software to run the machine.  The focus of the xTool products are to empower non-technical users to use technology very effectively.  And this is exactly the focus of the P2 as well.

Some of the materials xTool P2 can cut include:

  • Wood: pine, oak, maple, birch, walnut, cherry, plywood and basswood.
  • Acrylic: all colours and all types, including translucent, mirrored, opaque and clear acrylic.
  • Fabric: cotton, polyester, nylon, silk, linen, polyester and polyamide fabric.
  • Leather: genuine, synthetic, faux leather.
  • Others: EVA foam, felt pad, plastic, rubber, paper, cork and cardboard.

What is the maximum thickness of wooden boards I can cut by using xTool P2?You can cut solid wood of thickness up to 18 mm, such as black walnut and cherry wood. When cutting plywood, you are advised not to cut a piece thicker than 12 mm. The cutting of thick plywood may cause a fire.

The P2 comes with two 16MP cameras used to show you what is placed where on the working bed and the software allows you to place your design exactly where it should be on your object.  Other features are built in auto focus, contour following for the Z-Axis due to the built in Lidar sensor should your top surface of your object not be flat and one click smart filling, which copies and pastes, your design on multiple objects on the bed exactly in the same place on the object.

The machine comes with the xTool Creative Space Software. The camera inside the machine is used to setup your job with a drag and drop interface on your PC or Mac. They could not have made it easier to use! Even the focus of the laser is done automatically.

The machine can be upgraded even further with an Raiser base to work on high items, Rotary attachment to work on cylindrical obtects, a smoke purifier or an automatic conveyer feeder for larger projects.


    • Machine Type: CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver
    • CO2 Laser power: 55W
    • Laser spot size: 0.08 x 0.08mm
    • Connection interfaces: USB, Wifi, Ethernet
    • Working area: 600 x 305mm
    • Maximum carving speed: 600mm/s
    • Focus mode: Autofocus
    • Maximum working hight: 71mm (215mm with riser base upgrade)
    • Machine size: 1000 x 639 x 268mm (L x W x H)
    • Machine weight: 45kg
    • Machine enclosed: Yes
    • Software included: xTool Creative Space Software
    • Other compatible software: Lightburn
    • Operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
    • Colour: Pearl White

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