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Stepper Motor Driver TB6600

Stepper Motor Driver TB6600

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Stepper Motor Driver MKS TB6600

Model: Upgrade HPS-3235 TB6600
Size: 96X71x36mm
Appl to motor : (35/39/42/57 Stepper Motor)
Control signal: 3.3V-24V
Subdivision accuracy: 1,2/A,2/B,4,,8,16,32
Output current: 4A
Voltage: DC9-42V
1. DC 9-42v power supply, DC12-24V power supply best.
2. Controller input signal voltage 3.3-24V General.
3. Subdivision precision 1-32 subdivision optional.
4. Output current 0.5-4.0A.
5. H bipolar constant current drive bridge.
6. High speed optocoupler isolation input signal.
7. Built in temperature protection and over-current protection.
8. Automatic half of the flows reduce fever.
9. Motor noise optimization function.
10. Small volume, space saving.
Package Included:
1 X Upgrade TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver