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Prusa i3 Kit

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Prusa i3 Kit

This bundle includes everything you need to print clean crips models: 

  • Prusa i3 3D Printer Kit

  • LCD Display

  • Power supply kit

  • Lead screw upgrade kit

  • Spool holder kit

  • Simplify 3D License

  • 2 x Spools of filament

This kit now includes pre-soldered wiring, a variable speed cooling fan and auto bed leveling!!!

The perfect kit to get you started with 3D Printing!  High quality, cost effective 3D Printing!  If you want to print your 5 year old daughter her favorite doll or your latest design at the office then this kit is for you.

This kit is based on the popular Prusa i3 RepRap 3D printer design.  Improvements were made to the design by our mechanical engineer to make assembly easier and increase accuracy.  This kit includes everything you need to start printing including the 12V power supply and the plastic filament.  The LCD screen shown in the pictures is also included in the kit, the mounting hardware to mount the LCD screen is also included in every kit.


  • Basic technical knowledge and patience.

  • Basic tools to assemble the kit: Screw drivers, allen keys, spanners, sharp nose pliers, side cutter.  All the wiring are done for you, you can just plug and play!

  • Power supply capable of delivering a minimum of 12V, 18A DC current.  You can add a switch mode power supply to your order or buy a PC powers supply from a computer store.

  • The 12V Power Supply Kit includes a 12V, 18A Switch Mode Power Supply to run the printer as well as the mouning hardware, cables and connectors to power your 3D Printer.

  • PC or Mac to control the printer.

  • CAD software, if you want to design your own components to print.


  • Build volume: 200 x 200 x 240mm (width x depth x height)

  • Printer size: 400 x 400 x 500mm (width x depth x height)

  • Printer mass: 4.25kg

  • Printing materials: ABS, PLA, Taulman Filaments, Flexible filament, HIPS, Wood filament, PVA and PC

  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm

  • All the wires are pre-soldered and made up with connectors to the correct length

  • Heated bed: Yes

  • Printing surface: Glass bed

  • Auto bed leveling: Yes, included in standard kit

  • Frame construction: Laser cut Perspex

  • Linear guides: Chromed linear rods with linear bearings

  • X & Y axis positioning: GT2 belt driven

  • Z axis positioning: Precision stainless steel threaded rod with nut (Lead screw upgrade available)

  • Stepper motors: NEMA 17, 1.8 & 0.9 Deg/Step

  • Number of extruders: 1 (Can easily be upgraded to 2 extruders.  Dual extruder upgrade available soon!)

  • Extruder: Direct drive Minimalist Extruder

  • Hot end: E3D metal hot end with 0.4mm nozzle

  • Cooling fan: Yes, a variable speed cooling fan is included in the standard kit

  • Layer height: 0.1 - 0.3mm

  • Positioning accuracy: 10 micron

  • Final part accuracy: 0.1 - 1mm (geometry and material dependent)

  • Controller: Arduino MEGA 2560 with RAMPS 1.4 shield and A4988 stepper drivers

  • Input file type: STL

  • Controlling software: Repetier-Host, can also be used controlled with Cura, Simplify3D or similar software

  • Slicing software: Cura, Slic3r or Simplify3D (Settings provided for all these software)

  • Firmware: Marlin (Preloaded onto electronics)

  • Power requirement: 12V, 18A DC (Maximum)

  • Printing cost: R0.30 per CC of material & 100W (Average)  of electricity

  • Assembly instructions: Videos on YouTube

  • Please inquire about stock availability before placing your order.

  • Machine needs minor assembling a easy to use assembling guide will be sent through.

  • Please allow 7-14 working days for the machine to be ready.

  • If Delivery is possible please allow 3-7 working days for delivery – depending on the delivery address.

  • Please note that we deliver the machine free of charge to main centers without insurance, if insurance is required and if delivery is not a main center please request insurance fees.