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Monocure Rapid Resin 500ml

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Monocure Rapid Resin 500ml

Monocure Rapid resin for low power resin printers.  Delivers a smooth finish with very little post processing and short exposure times.  Low odour and easy to work with.

Monocure Rapid Resin 500ml Features:

  • RAPID RESIN was designed specifically for low powered LED/LCD DLP printers like the Wanhao Duplicator 7, AnyCubic Photon & SparkMaker.

  • Large range of colours to choose from.

  • Enhanced Toughness & Durability at Shore D - 70 (Hard Hat is 80), smooth when cured.

  • A non-yellowing formula and requires very little post-curing.

  • Is designed for high-resolution parts and display very low shrinkage properties <0.5%>

  • Will curing under UV lights with Wavelengths up to 420nm - SLA UV Laser or LED's & DLP Projector.

  • Made from the highest quality materials and draw on 30 years of UV formulation experience.

  • Has very low odour & VOC emission.

  • RAPID Resin has a viscosity reading of 300 - 400 CPS and have been successfully tested on a range of SLA & DLP printers.


  • Volume: 0.5 liter

  • Colour: Black | Blue | Green | Clear | Grey | Gunmetal Grey | Red | White

  • Container: Plastic

  • Clean after print with IPA (Iso Propanol Alcohol)


Product safety datasheet can be found at this link.