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Monocure FLEX100 Resin 500ml

Monocure FLEX100 Resin 500ml

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Monocure FLEX100 Resin 500ml

Monocure FLEX100 resin for low power resin printers.  The FLEX100 resin is designed to print high quality flexible parts.  Low odour and easy to work with.  The Rapid FLEX100 resin can also be mixed with Rapid Resin to increase the flexibility of parts.


  • Rapid FLEX100™ Resin for low powered LED/LCD DLP type 3D printers like the Wanhao Duplicator 7, AnyCubic Photon & SparkMaker.

  • The FLEX100™ has an extremely high level of flexibility so you can 3D print compressible and bendable parts

  • The thicker the part, the less flexible it will become

  • The clear appearance allows you to see internal structures when 3D printed


  • Volume: 500ml

  • Colour: Clear

  • Container: Plastic

  • Clean after print with IPA (Iso Propanol Alcohol)

Product safety datasheet can be found at this link.