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Autobed Leveling Upgrade Kit - Gadgitech Trading

Autobed Leveling Upgrade Kit

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Autobed Leveling Upgrade Kit

This is an auto bed leveling upgrade for the Prusa i3 3D Printer kit.  How it works is before the print starts, the bed leveling arm is extended with the Z switch is connected to it.  Then the printer probes the bed at pre-defined points.  With this information the printer can determine the height and slope of the bed in the X and Y directions.  During the print the printer actively compensates for the variation in Z height of the bed.

The kit includes the mounting hardware to fix the kit to your printer, a servo to extend and retract the arm, a Z switch and cabling.  The wires have been presoldered to the servo and switch.

The assembly instructions are in the form of YouTube videos.